leaping courses
(50 new words every lesson)

Lesson A  *  
Lesson B  *  
(S + AM/IS/ARE + V1 + ING :  Present Continuous )
Lesson C  *  
Lesson D  *  
(Possessive Pronouns, Plurals)
Lesson E  *  
(S + CAN + V1)
Lesson F  *  
(Prepositions in Time and Place)   
Lesson G *  
( S + WILL + V1 : Future Shortcut; Future Simple)
Lesson H *  
( S + V1,  Present Simple)
Lesson I   *   
(Imperative: Don't Look!)
Lesson J  *  
Lesson K *  
(Pronouns as Objects)
Lesson L *  
( S + WAS/WERE ; S + V2 : Past Simple)
Lesson M * 
( S + HAVE/HAS + V3 : Present Perfect)

Lesson N 
(Mid-Point Review of A-M)
Lesson O * 
(TO + V1:  Infinitive)
Lesson P  * 
( S + HAVE/HAS + BEEN + V1 + ING : Present Perfect Continuous)
on Q *   (Relative Clauses: That, Which, Who)
Lesson R *   (Past Continuous: S + WAS/WERE + V + ING)
Lesson S *    (Adverbs: Comparative, Superlative)
Lesson T *   (Past Perfect: S + HAD + V3)
Lesson U *   (Modal/Helping Verbs)
Lesson V *   (Conditional: IF clause + 2nd clause)
Lesson W *  (Modal/Helping Verbs: Conditional)
Lesson X  *  (Passive Voice: BE + V3 - was heard, is not included)
Lesson Y *   (Future Continuous: S + WILL + BE + V+ ING)
Lesson Z  *  (Future Perfect: S + WILL + HAVE + V3)

From here you can go to any lesson. Each lesson will have a short Password Quiz. They are simple and help you to know if you can do that lesson, but you may go around the Password Quiz by clicking the picture. Aren't you glad you read this far?

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 - If you are in Internet Explorer
the sound will begin with the New Words selection, so turn it off if you don't want to hear it. You may also use the sound separately.
-  Also, if you have a cell phone or another browser,
you may also pull down the same .mp3 sound to use with the New Words. It is different on different systems. In some cases, a box opens beside the story. In other cases you may have to save the sound and start the page again. But the sound is there!

These are from the Lessons
A-Z, together for you here!

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1. Say It!™


3Quick Answer™

.  New Words by Lesson/Story  (in order of most used)

. Irregular Verbs  (118 Most-Used)

6. 8 Parts of Speech



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