BBE Pre-Test


Many businesses want you to speak English.
You want to use English in those businesses.

Beginning Business English -- or BBE -- will help you to begin.

To start, we use the 350 most-used words in English. 

You can read those words right now. Good!                

Each BBE lesson will give you about 50 more easy words.

At the end, you will know almost 1800 of the most-common English words for business..

Each lesson has many parts.

Every person is different, so...

You can learn as much as you want.
pyramidsleapingYou can move quickly -- until you need to slow down.

QuickAnswers™ help you to answer questions quickly.

Say It™ helps you pronounce -- so that people can understand.

Word Maker™ gives you 5000 more words to use, by adding more letters to words you know.

But...How long does BBE take?

There is one lesson for each English letter, A to Z.

(Maybe someone who knows English will help you. )

We think that if you study for about 6 months -- or 200 hours -- you will begin using a lot more English in your work.  

350 Most-Used English words     1800 Most-Used BBE words   BBE Pre-Test

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