SayIt™ for Lesson I.........Sound...mp3?


Another difficult sound is the long [o]. It's one more time we put two small sounds together, as you saw in near. But in this long [o] you can't see two letters for the sound. The long [o] is really an o-u sound. Say that after me: o -- u…faster now -- o-u. So when we say these together quickly, you make the long [o]…Say that after me…o…Again…o….


These long [o] sounds are everywhere. They are in words like: cold and home. Say those after me: cold....home.... They are at the front of two part words like open and over. Say those after me: open....over.....And finally,  they are at the end of words like also and ago. Say those after me: also....ago.....  Sometimes they are in the strong part and sometimes they are not. What can we do? Learn the sounds with the words!


So now let's do a sentence with many long [o]s and one other kind of [o]. Here's the sentence with almost all long [o] sounds. See if you can hear the different [o]: The flow of gold in the open hole was also long ago.  Did you hear the one that is different? It was the word 'long". OK, say that sentence again, after me: The flow of gold in the open hole was also long ago………


So, now we'll do a more difficult one… Here is a sentence that has the [o] sounds totally mixed up. We've made the words that have the [o] sounds with large letters so you can see them in this sentence: Who KNOWS how our OLD dog CLOSES doors? Say it after me… Who   KNOWS how our OLD dog CLOSES doors?


You are getting better. As always, you must learn the sound when you see the word.


Thank you!