SayIt™ for Lesson F............Sounds...mp3?

At one time people would move from the country to the city to work.  Even native speakers needed help with their sounds. So the city teachers would help them by giving them words to say. They made them learn this:

Of course they meant "How are you now, brown cow?" But cows don't care about grammar!

So now you say each word after me: Again, after me:   Now let's say them all together after me:  How now brown cow?.....Again, after me: How now brown cow?

In your new words for this lesson, there are two more words that sound like How and now.  They are cloud and shout...Yes, they are spelled differently, but you know to learn each word and its sound. So say after me: Cloud....shout... Again, after me: Cloud....shout....

Now let's replace some of the words in the first sentence, but use the same sounds. Say this all after me: How now brown cloud? That's right, it sounds almost the same! Say after me again: How now brown cloud?

Ok, here's a little different one, that sounds almost the same: Shout now, brown cloud. Say it after me:  Shout now, brown cloud.

And here is another to say after me: Count down, loud cow! Say again after me: Count down, loud cow.

Sometimes these sounds will be in 2-part words, like: mountain, about, and power. So when you say after me, be sure you make one stronger part. OK, now say them after me: Mountain....about....power. Again after me:  Mountain....about....power.

OK! Here's your last sentence to practice: How loud do cows shout at mountain clouds? Say it after me: How loud do cows shout at mountain clouds?

You've got it. You will do well. When the words get harder, you get better.