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Lesson A - 44 New Words (most used: 350-394)

fall   power   town   fine   certain   fly   unit   lead   cry   dark   note   wait   plan    figure   star    box  field   rest   correct   able   pound   beauty   drive   contain   front   teach   week   final   green   quick develop sleep warm free strong special voice mind behind clear tail fact street inch  + resume'

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Tim and Gabriella were in love. But this day, Gabriella said that love was not enough.


"If you love me," she said, as they walked down a street in their town, "You will do two special things for me."


Tim would do anything in his power for Gabriella. "OK…You want me to love your mother as much as I love you?"


"No, not that." she said, using the beauty of her dark green eyes to make Tim wait.


"Then…what?" he said quickly.


"You know…"


"I know that you are the only star in my night…Some day we will sleep so warm with each other…."


"Not if you don't love me enough."


"Anything…I will do anything for you."


"I want you to learn English and get some work."


Tim corrected himself. "Well, almost anything…" Tim was in a difficult place. "Which one do you want most?" he asked.


Gabriella let go of his hand. "Both…" she said with a strong voice. "I will help you develop a plan"


He gave out a little cry. "I have 'a little' English."


"Then you can have 'a little' love."


"OK…OK…Fine…" Tim said. "I will learn the English that is contained in these Lessons. But how do I find work?"


"First, you talk to your friends who have work."


"In fact, my friends don't have work."


"Then get new friends."


Just then Gabriella's friend Tony, was driving up behind them in his car.  He stopped and rolled down the window.  "Hi," he said to them.


"Hi," said Gabriella. "We were talking about getting work. You've got work."


"Certainly," said Tony, "I had to get this car."


Gabriella turned to Tim. "Wouldn't it be nice to have a car? Then we would be free, and we could fly around town." Then she turned to Tony. "Do you mind telling Tim how to find work?"

"Get in," said Tony. They got into the back of the car. From the front, Tony spoke to them. "First," he said "Ask your friends."


Tim was ready with the same answer:  "My friends don't have work."


"Don't stop there. Ask your friends to ask their friends. And the rest of their family. Make it clear to everyone. You want to work." Tony looked very wise.




"Then look around." said Tony, "Look in the stores. Look at the paper. Look everywhere to figure out who needs work."


"OK," said Tim. Gabriella smiled at him.


"Don't stop there," said Tony. "While you are looking, learn something useful every week." His eyes were big.


"Like what?" said Tim.


"A good field, like building housing units. Or just how to hold a box so you don't hurt your back. Don't just fall down on your tail.   Teach yourself to do useful things!" Tony pounded his hand on the car seat.


"OK," said Tim.


"Then finally, write a resume'." said Tony. "If you want work, most people want to know about you. So write a resume'."


"I can help," said Gabriella. She moved an inch closer to Tim.


"This all sounds good," said Tim. "I should take notes. Is  that what you did?"


"No," said Tony. "My father needed some help building a house, and he saw that I was doing nothing. OK, I'll leave you off here at your house."


"Then how do you know all this?" said Tim as he got out of the car.


"I read it in some book," said Tony.


 So Gabriella helped Tim with this resume'...

(More useful words: paint, uncle, neighbor, landscape, lawn, carpenter, candy, wood, education, reference)

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These are the 44 new words:

able    -   can do something   (to Story)
beauty    -   quality that gives pleasure to the senses (to Story)
behind    -    at the back (to Story)
box    -    n. a container, often with a cover (to Story)
certain    -    definite, sure (to Story)
clear    -    easy to see through (to Story)
contain    -    v. to have within (to Story)
correct    -   free from mistakes v. to make right (to Story)
cry    -    v. to make a sound that shows pain, fear (to Story)
dark    -    no light, lacking light (to Story)
develop    -    v. to bring to, or grow to a more complete state (to Story)
drive    -    v. usually, to operate a car or truck (to Story)
fact    -   a thing which is true  (to Story)
fall    -    v. to drop from a higher position (to Story)
field    -    a piece of land, an area (to Story)
figure    -    n. a number or a written thing other than a letter  v. to calculate (to Story)
final    -    at the end of a process; last (to Story)
fine    -    satisfactory (to Story)
fly    -    v. to move through the air with wings (to Story)
free    -    able to do what one wants: also, without cost (to Story)
front    -    the forward part of a thing or of a living creature (to Story)
green    -    the color of most plants and leaves (to Story)
inch    -    a unit of length, approx. 2.4 centimeters (to Story)
lead    -    v. to take somebody to some place (to Story)
mind    -    n. the brain as used for thinking v. to pay close attention to (to Story)
note    -    a short written document (to Story)
plan    -    put thoughts in order to show them to others (to Story)
pound    -    1v. to beat downward on an object n. a unit of weight n. a unit of British currency. (to Story)
power    -  something that can move other things, i.e.  horse power is still used to measure power.  (to Story)
quick    -    fast (to Story)
rest    -    v. to stop acting when tired n. the others (to Story)
resume' - a background of work you have done before (to Story)
sleep    -    a natural state of rest (to Story)
special    -    not a usual thing (to Story)
star    -    a space body one can see at night (to Story)
street    -    a public road in a city (to Story)
strong    -    having much force or power (to Story)
tail    -    a thin part extending from the back of animals (to Story)
teach    -   v. to communicate skills or knowledge to young people (to Story)
town    -    a population center smaller than a city (to Story)
unit    -    a thing, group, person as part of a whole (to Story)
voice    -    a sound produced by humans (to Story)
wait    -    v. to do nothing until something happens (to Story)
warm    -    between hot and cold (to Story)
week    -    a period of 7 days (to Story)


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