SayIt™ for Lesson J...........Sounds...mp3?

OK you can see on the chart all the difficult sounds you have learned. We started easy, and now we are on the most difficult. If I sound happy, it is not because we are finished. It is because now more people will understand you! 

Now here we are, at the one almost everyone has trouble with. It is the sound in the word "blood."  

This sound is so difficult because the sound is spelled differently in the words "fun", "cover",  "love", "touch ", and "trouble."  Doesn't spelling mean anything? Nope. You have to know how the word is said.

So "blood" sounds like "truck". Say those last words after me: blood…..truck….  Now say these 4 words after me: blood…..truck…...trouble…….fun.

Now let's do a sentence: The cut is covered with blood. Say that after me: The cut is covered with blood…….

Here is another one: I study all such subjects under the sun.  Say it after me: I study all such subjects under the sun. 

So now you can say the most difficult sounds, because you learn them with their words.  And most of all, more people can understand you! 

Thank You!