SayIt™ for Lesson D.......Sounds....mp3?

Most people already have most of the sounds they need in their own language.  But there are 7 sounds that the most people have trouble with.   


In the next 7 lessons we will do these difficult sounds in "bad", "face", "now", "thing", "no", "near", and "blood" so that you have some good work on the most difficult sounds.

So we start with the sound in the word "bad" which is difficult for some people. This lesson will be on how to make the [a] sound in "bad".  To start, say that after me: bad….Again…bad….

Not bad! Ok, here's another word with the same sound…dance…Say it after me… dance …Now let's put those two words together: bad dance…Say it after me:… bad dance…Now here is a sentence: He is a bad dancer…Say it after me:… He is a bad dancer.

Now here's another word with the same sound, but it doesn't look like it! laugh…Say after me… laugh…Now be serious...You must say laugh  without  laughing....

OK, now let's do a whole sentence with this sound. Say it after me: We laugh at that bad dancer 

Hey, there were 2 extra words with the same sound. Did you see them? Well, you said them!

at…and....that...It's so easy you didn't think about it! Now say that whole sentence after me again…

We laugh at that bad dancer

So here are some other words with two parts.  One of those parts has the same sound as  bad and dancer and laugh….Say the new ones after me: happy…travel…family… 

Remember to make one part of the word stronger…After me again: happy…travel…family 

OK, here's another sentence for you to practice: The happy family laughs when they travel.

Say that after me: The happy family laughs when they travel.

Good work! So now that sentence, and that way to say [a] is yours!