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SayIt™ for Lesson B.......Sound...mp3?

OK, here is the first thing you must know:
This special sound .... always looks like another sound, but it's not!

You will find this same sound... in all of these words that you learned before:
certain   figure  contain    develop   surface     common     possible  perhaps

Remember that each of these words has  1  strong sound, always. The new sound we will learn is almost always in the other part that is NOT STRONG.

We learned about that strong sound in these words last lesson. Say them after me:


On the weak parts, we just say...the easy sound in their place.

Try it with these:

CERT n       (CERTain)
FIG r           (FIGure)
cn TAIN      (conTAIN) 
FIN l           (FINal
SURF c       (SURFace
COM n        (COMmon
POS s bl     (POSsible)
p r HAPS    (perHAPS)

Now say this sentence after me: PerHAPS I have the POWer to deVELop corRECT sounds.....

Again: PerHAPS I have the POWer to deVELop corRECT sounds.....

You should take that sentence with you to practice. This...sound is the most difficult sound for many students....
But now -- for you -- it is the easiest sound.

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