Lesson A Main?

Hello. You are here. You can read this. Now, you are ready to begin Grammar Music. You may remember that words in a sentence need an order
First, there is a Person word. The sentence is about that Person.
(Also, the Persons can be I, you, she/he/it, we or they or a name....like Peter.)
Then there is an Act.  
So in a sentence, the word order is (1) Person (2) Act.
There are 2 kinds of Act words:
(1) Act words that do nothing. (2) Act words that make something happen.(run, talk)

AM, ARE, and IS are (1) Act words that do nothing.
        John is happy.  You are a teacher.  I am here.

You learn about AM,ARE and IS in this Lesson A.  Ready for More?

(In Lessons B-Z, you learn (2) Act words that make something happen. You will also learn many other words about Grammar. For sure...)

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Lesson A Main?